I’ve Written Over 350 Funny Notes About Being A Stay-At-Home Dad

After the birth of my first child, I quit my job to be a stay-at-home dad, or SAHD for short, though I never use that acronym because it looks and sounds too much like the word “sad.”

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Daycare is obscenely expensive. It made more fiscal sense to stay home with my kid than to collect a paycheck and just hand it over to a daycare facility.

One day, while still home on maternity leave, my wife left me alone with our newborn son for the first time. Before leaving, she politely reminded me of all the duties I was to perform while she was gone. “I better write this all down,” I joked, and grabbed some post-it notes and a black Sharpie.

I wrote, “don’t forget to feed and keep the baby alive.”

A week later I found the note on the floor of my office. It made me laugh.

On that day, the website was born.

Eight years, two kids, a separation and over 350 notes later and I’m still writing notes.

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