5 Insane True Stories Of Almost Supernatural Good Luck

Some people have all the luck. Literally. If you’ve ever found yourself sad or in an unfortunate circumstance and asked, “Why am I so unlucky?” it’s because the assholes on this list are hoarding it all to themselves.

We asked our readers to uncover some folks who are so fortunate, providence is probably their superpower. The winner is below, but first the runners-up …

  1. Famously eccentroc New England businessman and self-styled “Lord” Timothy Dexter made a fortune from harebrained business schemes.

    Often suggested by his rivals. That inexplicably worked out. Such as:
    making millions of dollars in astronomically risky currency speculation following the American Revolution
    shipping thousands of bed warming pans to the famously hot West Indies where they were sold at a huge mark-up to plantation owners who used them as ladles
    exporting an enormous shipment of coal to Newcastle, England, one of the world’s largest coal producers during a mining strike where he was able to sell his shipment to a premium.

  2. Bill Morgan of Melbourne, Australia, won a car on a scratch-off ticket.

    When asked to re-enact his win for the local news, he won a whopping $250,00 in front of the cameras:

  3. How did you find out you were pregnant?

    After Shayna Richardson’s parachute failed to open, she plummeted more than 3000 feet landing face first in a parking lot. She was discovered alive and dazed, sitting up where she had landed.
    One ambulance ride, four surgeries and 15 face plates later, doctors informed her that not only had she survived the 50-mile-an-hour impact, but so had her healty as-yet-unknown two-week-old fetus.

  4. A Norwegian family wins lottery every time Mother gives birth

    It all started when a Norwegian mother Hedge Jeanette Oksnes gave birth to her first child in 2006, a day after her father won the national lottery.
    She herself then won the lottery a day before giving birth to her second child in 2009
    Finally in 2012, her brother won the lottery a few months after she gave birth to her third child.

  5. And the winner is …

    In January 2012, a semitruck sideswiped a BMW occupied by Kely Groves and her two daughters, slamming their veichle into a bridge guardrail on northbound Highway 101.
    As they dangled above a ravine, firefighters worked to stabilize the car and saw it apart to rescue the injured family. The effort was halted when it was realized that cutting the car any further could cause it to fall in the gorge 100 feet below.
    Miraculously, a team of Navy Seabees were among those caught in the suspended traffic. They happened to be hauling an extendable boom forklift capable of supporting 11,000lbs.
    They were able to reach across from the southbound lanes and support the imperiled car while the family was pulled to safety.

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