Saudi multi-millionaire’s daughter, 38, who won a £2m divorce payout from her Goldman Sachs banker ex-husband will be awarded more of his millions – despite being set to inherit £100m from her father

A Russian beauty queen awarded £3.3million and £370,000-a-year in her divorce is fighting for more because it is not enough for ‘a reasonable standard of living’.

Russian-born Ekaterina Fields, 43, launched her bid for a better deal from lawyer ex-husband Richard Fields, 60, today, arriving to court in a pair of silver Gucci trainers.

The former child actress received the massive payout and annual income when she split from the American lawyer last year after almost a decade, the court heard.

But she now wants him to up the payments as she fears he will die or be too old to maintain his earning power before her personal savings reach £1million.

In their divorce battle, the court head how  they lived a lavish lifestyle, ate in the finest restaurants, had a cook and two nannies at home, and a Maserati on the drive.

In their divorce, she asked a judge to award her huge sums, including £60,000-a-year for beauty treatments and clothes and £75,000 for holidays.

Mr Justice Holman handed her assets totalling more than £3.3m, which he said was enough for her to continue living in Kensington and Chelsea with their two children.

He also ordered Mr Fields to stump up £370,000-a-year in maintenance, which included £100,000-a-year to enable her to build up a savings ‘stockpile’.

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